Market Research Consultancy

Many organizations are not yet fully geared to exploit the power of market research - often due to a lack of internal expertise.

Market Research Consultancy is a powerful solution that brings this expertise to organizations, as an in-house resource.

It involves

  • an in-depth understanding of the business issues
  • analysis of the best approaches to obtain information required to address the issues
  • planning the research process
  • coordinating and monitoring the execution of the projects by independent research agencies
  • and finally aiding the organization to implement the resulting findings.

Project Management

This is a service to execute the entire research project, as specified by the organization. It is facilitated through tie-ups established with select outsourced support.

A cost effective approach for projects that organizations undertake.

The key benefits being

  • The Consultant is directly involved in every aspect of the project
  • Quality is maintained at every stage due to expert supervision
  • Insights offered are enriched from vast prior experience

Critical decisions can only be taken when supported by robust data and analysis.

Research Consolidation

Many organizations have already conducted several research projects, addressing specific issues. Each of these offer a wealth of information about customers, products, competition, internal operations and much more. In addition, there is often a large database of online sales and enquiries.

Rarely is an attempt made to consolidate the data across all sources.

When such an exercise is undertaken, there is an enormous amount of information available to explore new trends and opportunities in the market

This can be achieved through focused consolidation and careful analysis of existing in-house information, supplemented with additional desk research, market visits and employee interviews.

The strategy document prepared by this process often enables organizations to capitalize on new opportunities, hitherto concealed.

Data Collection

We offer a unique approach to facilitating online data collection across most countries in the world.

Globally we are an aggregator of online panels. Having partnered with many independent panel vendors we offer the advantages of

  • Increased efficiency at optimal costs
  • Superior data quality
  • Speed of execution
  • Access to difficult-to-reach target segments
  • Ease of running tracking studies